Community-Rewards-Flyer-Sept-2011Friends of Beyond the Front Porch, we have a incredible opportunity for financial support through Kroger by our supporters using their Kroger Plus Card.  As you know there is a lot of expense that goes into providing the educational field trips for the children and families of our community and this is a way for you to give to us by grocery shopping at Kroger and swiping your Kroger Plus Card at your local Kroger. Below are the instructions on how to complete linking Beyond the Front Porch to your Kroger Plus Card:

We started Beyond the Front Porch last year with 21 parents and students. Since then, we have registered 219 students with us, with 122 students sponsored on trips. 4 trips sold out with 1 trip where we had to add a second bus. There is a need and a desire for what we do in the community and we rely heavily on your support to get the job done. This is a way for those who can not give financially to us directly to still have a way to give to Beyond the Front Porch. Also you can continue to support us by forwarding this email to your friends and encouraging them to support us.   This is so important that if you have any problems with the enrollment process, DO NOT GIVE UP WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT, call myself (404) 408-6448 or Kroger customer service at (800) 576-4377 for help.

Warmest Regards,
Kascia Lipford