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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group does Beyond the Front Porch serve?

Beyond the Front Porch serves students K–12th grades. We promote positive family engagement; therefore, if younger siblings want to attend, they are welcome.


Do you have to have one student per adult?

Each paying adult can bring up to 5 students at no charge.


Will the field trip be canceled due to inclement weather?

All of our field trips are rain or shine events unless there is severely inclement weather.


If I can’t make the trip, can I receive a refund?

We do not give refunds for any trip. If you are not able to make a field trip that you have paid for, the payment will be considered a donation. In rare cases, we will apply the payment to a future field trip, which has to be taken during the same calendar year as the original trip.


Can my child travel without an adult?

Yes, the student can travel without and adult and will be assigned a chaperone. However, the child will not receive a sponsored seat and will have to pay the $25 rate.


Do I have to ride on the Motorcoach?

No, you do not have to travel on the motorcoach; however, the $25 fee will still apply per person. We will not sponsor seats for students that do not ride on the bus. They will still have admission and lunch at the venue.


What volunteer opportunities do you have?

We need 2 teen volunteers for each trip and an unlimited street team to help get the word out and represent us at community events.


Do I have to live in the Douglasville or Tri-Cities community to attend a field trip?

No, as long as you can make it to Arbor Place Mall (Douglasville) or Greenbriar Mall (Tri-Cities), you are welcomed to attend a field trip with us.


Do I have to register my child for each field trip?

No, we are required to have a registration form on file for the current year. Once the registration form is completed for the student, it does not have to be completed again until the following year.


Do I have to register myself as the adult traveling with the child?

No, we only accept the registration form for the students, not the adults.


What if I do not receive free and reduced lunch, can my child still attend the field trips?

Yes, the adults and students will pay the $25 rate for each person.


How do I show that my child is on the free/reduced lunch program?

When you get your eligibility letter at the beginning of the school year, please forward a copy of your letter to (Douglasville) or (Tri-Cities)