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Our First Trip Of 2020 CNN Studio Tour

It is always an exciting feeling to take a field trip that you know can have a great impact on the right student’s future. The CNN Studio tour is one of those trips. Not only was it exciting that it was the first trip of the New Year but it was also a entirely full bus of students waiting to get a behind the scenes look at how one of the largest 24 hour news networks actually…well, works! We started our tour by riding up the worlds largest free standing escalator. Our first stop was to sit in a room and listen to the director set up shots, angles and programming in between commercials. Then our crew traveled to an area where we heard about the history and helpfulness of the teleprompter…we even had two of our youth volunteers to show us how it’s done right! From there we visited the domestic news room, then the international news rooms. Our tour guide was filled with informative facts and very interesting tales of history, devices, changes made through out the years (ie out goes green screens and in comes magic boards) This was the perfect venue for any of our budding anchors, reporters, camera persons and other technology related professionals to ask questions and get knowledgeable answers. Thank you to our transportation provider Southeastern Stages and Lunch Sponsor Ben Marlow Allstate and our very own BTFP Vision partners for contributing to the success of this field trip!